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Kerloo's inception emerged as a visionary reverie, a daring aspiration to redefine Washington's vinicultural landscape with wines of unprecedented distinction. We take pride in crafting wines that challenge the palate, offering a sensory journey beyond the ordinary. This commitment to innovation is our cornerstone, fostering an enduring connection with our discerning patrons who return, vintage after vintage, captivated by our offerings.

Dedicated to our loyal clientele, we cherish the intimate bond shared with each bottle of our wine. Engaging with you, our cherished patrons, is a source of profound joy, for we believe that transparency enriches the appreciation of Kerloo's artisanal process. It is our fervent wish that every individual who uncorks a bottle of Kerloo has encountered us personally, thus intertwining our narrative with yours at the table.

May our tale and the essence of our wine become threads in the tapestry of your personal journey. For dreams, once conceived, are indeed realized, and we find ourselves living this reality today.






Ryan Crane's journey with Kerloo Cellars began in 2007, amidst the vineyard-laden landscapes of Walla Walla, Washington. Fueled by an unwavering passion for winemaking and an unyielding commitment to excellence, Ryan's vision has imbued every glass of Kerloo with a palpable sense of artistry and dedication.

His odyssey into winemaking commenced years prior, as a volunteer at Animale Cellars in Seattle, where he first glimpsed the alchemy of grape to glass. Under the tutelage of luminaries like Marie-Eve Gilla at Forgeron Cellars, Ryan's knowledge and love for the craft flourished, leading him to pursue formal education in Enology and Viticulture in Walla Walla.

Ryan's ascent in the industry reached new heights as Assistant Winemaker at Va Piano Vineyards, where he honed his skills under the mentorship of esteemed figures such as Justin Wylie and Steve Brooks. Their guidance, alongside the support of countless others, propelled Ryan toward the realization of Kerloo's dream-like vision.

In 2015, drawn by a desire for urban living and familial ties, Ryan relocated Kerloo Cellars to the vibrant cityscape of Seattle. Today, nestled in West Seattle with his two children and their affable lab, Lex, Ryan's life embodies the essence of Kerloo — a harmonious blend of wine, family, and love, shaping each bottle from inception to fruition.



From a young age, Chip was immersed in the world of wine, thanks to the influence of his older brother. Growing up in Boise, his early passion for wine was complemented by hands-on experience managing restaurants in his hometown. This foundation set the stage for his eventual move to Walla Walla, where he continued to deepen his wine knowledge and appreciation.

It was in Walla Walla that Chip crossed paths with Ryan while working as a wine buyer. This serendipitous meeting ignited a love affair with the local wines, inspiring him to establish his own wine brand: Vinyl Wines.

Seeking new opportunities, Chip relocated to Seattle, where he balanced his career in restaurant management with his burgeoning interest in marketing and design. His creative talents eventually led him to become a full time designer, showcasing his versatility and passion for innovation.

After a brief hiatus from the wine industry, Chip felt the irresistible pull of his first love and returned to his roots, joining Kerloo Cellars. With a wealth of experience and a renewed enthusiasm, he now contributes to Kerloo's continued success, bringing a unique blend of expertise from both the hospitality and marketing worlds.

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